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Teach your students to be adept writers through the use of toys.

The “Toying With Writing” approach utilizes toys to teach the six traits of writing, as well as grammatical and writing skills. Specific analogies which connect toys to writing skills and concepts are featured in our books entitled Toying With Writing: Mini-Lessons for a Kid’s World, Toying With Writing Too/Two: More Mini-Lessons for a Kid’s World, and Toying With the 6 Traits.

Why teach writing with toys?

  1. They are ‘mental models’ for children

  2. They utilize a child’s prior knowledge

  3. They are relevant to a child’s world

  4. They provide connections which reinforce concepts

  5. They are concrete manipulatives

  6. They are fun for kids

Lessons contained in the books::

  1. Provide an easy-to-use lesson plan format

  2. Provide the option of addressing specific writing concepts

  3. Provide activity masters that reinforce toy/lesson connections

  4. Provide additional visual reinforcement of lesson (through optional poster set) if desired

If you would like additional information about these innovative writing strategies, please email me at nancy@toyingwithwriting.com. To order books and materials online using Paypal, please visit our online order form. If you would prefer to place an order by mail, please submit our printable Order Form.

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